How to Undo the Keyboard?
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How to Undo the Keyboard? In One Step!

Do you make careless mistakes from time to time and accidentally press the wrong key on the keyboard? At this moment, you wish what just happened had never happened.
Especially in this situation: you deleted important information by mistake! For example, I, a person who made a stupid mistake, accidentally deleted the leader’s important information by mistake.
But fortunately, I was able to get it back. All thanks to “undo”!
That’s right, the “undo” operation on the keyboard. So, how to undo the keyboard?
It’s very simple, one step at a time!
This guide will tell you the answer and more information about it!

How to Undo the keyboard?

Undoing data entry:

How to Undo the keyboard?

● Press CTRL+Z to get rid of the most current data entry.
● To undo multiple operations, press CTRL+Z.
● To undo multiple operations, do one of the following:
● The ” Undo ” button in the shortcut menu allows you to roll back changes.

All selected typing operations are reversed. However, the operations you can undo will start with the most recent operation, and you can only undo them in the order in which they occurred. For example, you cannot undo only the second typing change made. It would help if you also undid the previous action to undo the second typing change.


If you cannot reach the Quick Access toolbar (for example, because you are using a modal form), press CTRL+Z repeatedly until the action you want to undo is undone.


Some actions, such as clicking commands on the File tab, cannot be undone. When an operation cannot be undone, the Undo Keystrokes command changes to Unable to Undo.

Undo, Redo, and Other Shortcut Functions

Command ShortcutsProgram
To undo the previous operation, press CTRL+Z.
You can undo multiple operations.
To undo the last undo operation, press CTRL+Y.
You can undo more than one undone operation.
You can use the Redo command only after you have undone a command.
Select All
You must select all to perform a function on everything in the text editor.
Put the mouse anywhere in the text editor and press CTRL+A.
By pressing CTRL+C, you can copy the highlighted text to the clipboard.
To paste the text from the clipboard into the text editor, position the cursor where you want it to appear and hit CTRL+V.
Full Screen
To view the text editor in full-screen mode, press F11.
To exit full-screen mode, press F11 again.
 What is redo?
Redo is the opposite of undo. Let's say the user has undone some of the last actions, but now the user wants to restore some of the undone actions so that he can repeat them using the Redo option that restores the undone actions.


Mac keyboard users, use the “Command “button instead of “Ctrl”!

Undo Shortcuts FAQ

What is the opposite of Ctrl Z?

The opposite of Ctrl Z is Ctrl Y.

Is there an undo command?

Yes! You can press Ctrl + Z on Windows to undo a previous action. Press Command + Z on a Mac.

What is Ctrl Z?

In most Windows programs, this key combination activates the undo function.

What does Ctrl Y mean?

It’s the inverse of the Undo keystroke shortcut (Ctrl Z). Redo is the undo function.

How do I undo Notes on a Mac?

Select Edit > Undo Typing or another action in the Notes application. Notes also support the Command + Z keyboard shortcut for undoing a previous operation.

How do I undo Empty Trash on a Mac?

Use the Command + Z keyboard shortcut or Edit > Undo Move. Alternatively, open the Trash, right-click the item, and choose Put Back. If you empty the Trash, you must use Time Machine or another backup to restore the deleted files.

How do I undo a closed tab on my Mac?

To reopen a closed Safari tab, go to Edit > Undo Closed Tab > Command+Z or long-press the plus sign (+). In Chrome, choose Command+Shift+T.


When you encounter this error, don’t panic. Pick up your phone and search, and you will see this article! It answers your questions.
You no longer have to worry about losing your job by making such mistakes! The “undo” will make up for it!
Now have you learned this feature? It’s in many programs. Whether you use shortcuts or look for icons, you can easily realize its function-how to undo the keyboard.
What are you waiting for? Try it!

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