How to Make a Bluetooth Speaker Louder?
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How to Make a Bluetooth Speaker Louder?

Ever found yourself in a situation where the volume on your Bluetooth speaker just doesn’t cut it?

Whether you’re trying to fill a room with sound for a party, or you simply want a more immersive listening experience, getting the most out of your speaker’s volume is crucial.

This article is here to guide you through some simple yet effective strategies to make your Bluetooth speaker louder.

Why Is My Bluetooth Speaker Not Loud?

There could be several reasons why your Bluetooth speaker isn’t producing loud sound. The most common reasons include:

  1. Low Battery Power: One common culprit for a seemingly quiet Bluetooth speaker is a low battery. Ensure that your speaker is fully charged before expecting it to deliver its maximum volume. A low battery can limit the power output and result in a softer sound. So, give your speaker a boost and see if a full battery solves the problem.
  2. Bluetooth Connection Strength: The strength of the Bluetooth connection between your speaker and the paired device can directly impact the volume. Check for any potential interference that may weaken the connection, such as other devices or obstacles in the vicinity. Additionally, ensuring that your speaker and the connected device are within the recommended range can help maintain a strong and consistent connection.
  3. EQ Settings: Your speaker’s equalizer (EQ) settings play a crucial role in determining the volume and overall sound quality. Take a closer look at the EQ settings and make sure they are optimized for the desired volume. Experimenting with different presets or manually adjusting the bass, treble, and midrange can help you find the right balance and amplify the sound output.
  4. Speaker Placement: The placement of your Bluetooth speaker can greatly impact its volume. Consider the surroundings and make sure there are no objects obstructing the sound or absorbing the vibrations. Placing your speaker on a hard surface, like a table or shelf, can help amplify the sound by allowing the vibrations to resonate. So, try different placements and see if it makes a difference.
  5. Speaker Limitations: It’s important to acknowledge that every Bluetooth speaker has its limitations. Check the specifications of your speaker to understand its maximum volume capacity. If you’re expecting a booming sound from a small, portable speaker, it may not be realistic. Managing your expectations and understanding the capabilities of your speaker can save you from disappointment.

Don’t worry, we have prepared several methods for you that will definitely solve the problem of low Bluetooth volume for you.
Follow me and look down!

How to Make a Bluetooth Speaker Louder? General Methods

Disable Android Absolute Volume

Android Absolute Volume (Bluetooth Absolute Volume) is a built-in Android feature enabled by default. It synchronizes your phone with your Bluetooth audio device. So when you turn up or down the volume on your phone, it also turns up or down the volume on your Bluetooth device.
But why would anyone want to turn off a tool that makes life easier? The maximum volume on your phone may not correspond to the maximum level on your Bluetooth speaker and vice versa.
If you turn off the absolute volume, you’ll get a different volume slider for Bluetooth devices. You can turn up the Bluetooth speaker on Android. It helps a lot if the Bluetooth level on your Android device is low. Then, instead of your phone, you can use the volume buttons on your device to turn up your speaker’s power. Hopefully, it will sound louder than it did before.
Here’s how to disable Android Absolute Volume on your smartphone:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select About phone. You may need to open Software Information.
  3. Find the internal version number and tap seven times until you unlock the developer options. It usually requires a PIN/password/pattern to be entered.
  4. Go back to Settings and open Developer Options from the bottom of the list. On some Android devices, you will find Developer Options under System.
  5. Enable the Disable Absolute Volume option.

Connect another speaker

If you want to trick the system, connect to another compatible wireless speaker. First, make all devices discoverable, then go to your Bluetooth settings to check if this works. A pair of speakers will bring louder sound and a better audio experience to your favorite music.
The second speaker you purchase should also have better audio quality. For example, it should be able to maintain a higher volume without malfunctioning. So check the equalizer settings to make sure they’re good.
If in doubt, ask the store clerk to help you find speakers that are compatible with your original speakers. Both speakers should have the same features, which help set up the sound.

Caution: Incompatible speakers can cause audio interference that can ruin your listening experience. Look for speakers that can be connected and make sure the audio settings match for best results.

Evaluate room size

The room size may be another reason your speakers don’t sound great. Larger rooms produce more noise from the speakers, making them sound lower than they are.
Bluetooth speakers can adjust the amount of sound emitted based on the size of the room. The volume of your speaker may seem quiet because it has been adjusted to the room and lowered.
It happens mainly in smaller rooms. Place your speakers in a larger room as this gives them more surface to bounce off, effectively increasing the volume.
You can also use the room to determine the best place for your speakers. Open spaces have better volume control than enclosed spaces. In a crowded or stuffy room, place your speakers in a higher spot (the top of a chair).
It allows the speakers to project volume into the open air above.

Caution: Do not place the speakers on a carpeted floor. The carpet absorbs sound waves and can reduce sound quality and volume.

Check the battery level

Another reason for the low volume of Bluetooth speakers is a depleted battery. Bluetooth connections consume a lot of battery; the lower the battery level, the lower the volume.
Check your speaker’s battery regularly to see when it’s about to run out. Charge them when they get too low or when the sound quality starts to degrade to prevent hearing mediocre audio.
Consider charging your speakers when not in use to ensure they are always fully charged.
A drop in volume may also indicate that your speakers are fatigued. It can happen if you use your speakers for an extended time without taking a break.
Speakers wear out over time, just like any other machine, and they need time to return to their best performance.
If you use your speakers often, their parts may wear out, making them sound worse. It can be fixed by giving your speakers a break when they aren’t being used.

Use an equalizer

Using an equalizer, you can make fine-tuned adjustments to certain frequency ranges.
By adjusting the equalizer settings in your music app, you can increase the volume of certain frequencies and make your Bluetooth speaker louder. However, be careful not to distort the audio as it may damage the speaker.
Anyway, these are some of the methods you can use to improve the sound of your Bluetooth speakers. However, turning the volume too high may damage the speaker and cause distortion. So, be careful and enjoy your music at a safe and enjoyable level.

How to Make a Bluetooth Speaker Louder? Special methods

Seal the edges of the speaker

Filling the gap between the speaker and the panel is the first and easiest way to increase the volume of your speaker without using an amplifier. You can cover the edges of the speaker cutout with sponge foam or electrical tape. It will help improve the seal and prevent sound and air from passing through. It can result in a smoother, stronger, clearer sound with less chance of distortion and cancellation.


If you are concerned and don’t want a new amplifier, buy a subwoofer. It acts as a speakers. They are specifically created to reproduce low-frequency noise. 20 to 200 Hz is the optimal frequency range for a subwoofer. Without an amplifier, they increase the volume of the speakers. They increase the volume to a level where the bass can be easily heard.

How to Make a Bluetooth Speaker Louder? Using Batteries

Bluetooth speakers rely on battery power to run the Bluetooth technology. Your battery capacity may affect the volume of your speaker. It is important to evaluate the capacity of your battery and its contribution to the overall performance of your device. You can try to evaluate the battery by checking the following items:

Multiple batteries in parallel

It means connecting two or more batteries so that they work together to power the speakers. It is an effective way to increase the power of your speakers without having to use a single, very powerful battery.

Use higher voltage batteries

It will increase the power available to the speakers so that the speakers can produce a louder sound.

Use a larger-capacity battery.

It means that the battery will be able to store more energy, so the speaker will have more power to work with and will be able to produce louder sounds.

How to Make a Bluetooth Speaker Louder? Clever Use of Boxes

The best way to use a box to make a bluetooth speaker louder will vary depending on the speaker and the box. However, some tips on how to use a box to make a bluetooth speaker louder include:

Use a larger size box

A larger box will amplify the sound of your speakers to a greater extent than a smaller box. A larger box will have more airflow, allowing the sound waves to travel farther and be heard more clearly. In addition, a larger box will accommodate larger speakers, resulting in a louder sound.

Use sturdy box materials

Boxes made from sturdy materials can amplify sound better than fragile boxes. This is because a sturdy box will not vibrate as much as a fragile box and, therefore, will not distort the sound.

Use a box with a bass reflex port

Boxes with bass-reflex ports amplify sound more than boxes without ports. The port allows sound waves to escape from the box more easily, resulting in a louder sound.

Speaker Power and Efficiency

The efficiency of a device determines its ability to convert power (watts) into volume (decibels). Some speakers can produce a louder sound at the same power compared to others. By understanding this, you can select or modify speakers for maximum loudness.

AspectImpact on Bluetooth speakersExplanation
SizeLouder and deeper soundLarger speakers have more room for powerful components, allowing them to produce greater volume and deeper bass.
DesignA significant influenceDesign (including shape and materials) affects how sound waves travel and resonate within a loudspeaker, influencing overall sound quality and volume levels.
CompressionReduced sound qualityBluetooth compression reduces the size of audio files transmitted wirelessly but may result in a loss of sound quality and loudness due to removing some audio data.
Connection strengthImpact on quality and volumeA weak Bluetooth connection may result in audio loss and sound quality degradation. A strong, stable connection is essential to maintain optimal volume and clear sound output.

FAQS – How to Make a Bluetooth Speaker Louder?

  1. How does room size affect the loudness of a Bluetooth speaker?
    Room size significantly impacts the loudness of a Bluetooth speaker. In a smaller room, sound waves have less space to travel, making the sound seem louder. In contrast, in a larger room, sound waves disperse more, which can make the sound seem softer. The room’s acoustics, including its shape and the materials used in its construction, can also affect sound quality and loudness.
  2. Should I use a small device in a large room?
    While you can use a small device in a large room, it might not provide the volume level or sound quality you desire. Larger rooms typically require larger or more powerful speakers to fill the space with sound effectively.
  3. Is there an app to make your Bluetooth speaker louder?
    Yes, there are several apps available that can help boost the volume of your Bluetooth speaker. These include volume booster apps like “Volume Booster GOODEV” for Android and “Volume Booster & Amplifier & Eraser & Equalizer” for iOS. However, it’s important to note that these apps may not work with all devices, and overuse can potentially damage your speaker.
  4. How does a volume booster work?
    A volume booster works by amplifying the audio signal that your device sends to the speaker, thus increasing the sound volume. It essentially pushes your audio output to its maximum limit. However, it’s essential to use these boosters wisely, as pushing the volume beyond the speaker’s capacity can lead to distortion and potential damage to the speaker.

Conclusion: Making your Bluetooth speakers louder

In conclusion, to maximize the volume of your Bluetooth speakers, you need to make strategic placements optimize equalizer settings. And you need to use external amplifiers wherever possible and ensure a high-quality audio source.
Keep your speakers’ batteries charged, consider firmware changes, and look into safe, tried-and-true ways to boost the sound.
Even though we encourage careful experimentation, the durability and usefulness of your gadget should always come first.

If you follow these steps, you can make your Bluetooth speakers sound better and increase the volume for all your listening needs.

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